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1. report writer

Report Writer is an advanced reporting solution for .NET family of platforms designed to create industry standard PDF and XPS documents dynamically with API calls or from XML. It provides a variety of methods to format text, insert images, draw geometric figures and shapes and allows to build complex, visually appealing reports with a powerful set of interfaces and elements.
Top Features
Q. Is Report Writer royalty free?
A. Yes, Report Writer has 100% royalty free distribution rights.
Q. What is Single Developer License?
A. Single Developer License covers one developer seat and one server within your company.
Q. What is Corporate Wide License?
A. Corporate Wide License covers unlimited developer seats and unlimited servers within your company.
Q. What is Source Code License?
A. Source Code License includes Corporate Wide License and provides access to the source code of the product.
Q. Are there any limitations in the evaluation version?
A. No, it's fully functional and represents all original features and behavior. It allows you to perform any tests in your production environment until you get the commercial version of the product.
Q. How to get started with the product?
A. We recommend to take a brief look at the User's Guide to understand basic principles and building blocks of the product and then start playing with the examples.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and assist you with the problems.
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Upgrade Policy
As a registered customer, you are entitled to obtain free upgrades during one year from the date of purchase. If you purchased the software more than a year ago, you are no longer entitled to obtain free upgrades. However, you can purchase an upgrade to the latest version at a greatly discounted price, and this will allow you to get free upgrades for another full year.
Return Policy
Siberix Technologies offers free evaluation version of the product. Therefore, it is assumed that you have reviewed the software and are completely satisfied with its quality before effecting the actual purchase. If you have not tried our free downloadable evaluation version, please do so before purchasing the product. With knowledge of the above, no return request should be solicited by you on such basis. Our products are not refundable.

2. clients

Our clients range from some of the world's largest corporations through to small businesses in a wide variety of industries and market segments. Some of our clients include:
  • 3M
  • SONY
  • NBA

3. testimonials

Our clients frequently express their satisfaction with the products and services we provide. These are just a few testimonials we received:
Siberix support team has been extremely helpful, and has responded quickly every time we have required support or explanation of the libraries. In fact, we have never waited more than a few hours before receiving a response from them. For the price, the Siberix PDF solution can't be beat.

Adam Hopkins
Thank you very much for the extra effort you have put in to make this tool work well for us! It is greatly appreciated.

Chris Simes
Phase Forward, Inc.
Siberix products enable us to seamlessly integrate PDF invoice and quotation generation into our service delivery system in a straightforward and highly effective way. In addition, Siberix customer service is first rate - the Siberix team were responsive, and provided customized, practical solutions during our integration process. A great company to work with.

Jonathan Kirk
Elanex, Inc.
Thanks for an expedient response! I'm sold, and plan to order a license on Monday.

Jim Witt
I have used Siberix's PDF .NET development package under Microsoft's Development Environment for over six months and have always found it easy to create whatever complex text reports, spreadsheet displays or graphics that I needed. Whenever I had questions the support has been superb. This product has been a great choice at a very reasonable cost.

Willis Sargent
Business Planning Systems
Simply Superb, this is what development toolkits and customer service are all about.

Bob Scoverski
Graphics Server Technologies
The library works great and what's more these guys understand what customer service is all about.

David Hobbs
My Commerce
As a member of a small IT consulting group specializing in Microsoft.NET application development, I have 'prowled' for a quality component to create PDF's on the fly, without mortgaging my house to purchase. I finally found one with superior features and value: Siberix's pdf library not only delivers all the features we require, but as I intensively evaluated the product for a solid week, robustly corresponding with the company, I found that they also have the most responsive, competent support team that I have encountered in my 10 years of IT development.

Bottom Line: Features for dollars, if you go anywhere else, you will receive second best in value.

Mark Horton
State Vision
I got started with Report Writer one Sunday afternoon, downloaded the Evaluation and User Guide, which I read over a late Sunday lunch. Today is the following Wednesday. To think that I was able to integrate PDF generation after 2 - 3 days, not even an exclusive effort (working on other projects as well) is a testament in and of itself! And thats from someone who has never done any PDF generation work in his life...until now.

However, technical ease is only one aspect of this excellent product. The exceptional support and guidance I obtained is actually what seals the deal.

Most definitely highly recommended, product and company!

Ed Chavez
Seven Riviera
Siberix support has been incredibly responsive and easy to work with. The library API was easy to learn and quick to implement. Highly recommended. Thanks!

Bill V.
Advanced Financial Solutions
So I fired off a casual question to Siberix about whether a particular option was available expecting an answer in a couple of days. Not only was my question answered but within 4 hours I had a fully functional custom build of the product delivering exactly what I wanted. I have never seen such extraordinary responsiveness from a tools supplier. Well done Siberix and thank you.

Jonathan Hodges
Flame Marine
Siberix provides great products and their customer support is excellent! We were able to develop, test and release our first major pdf-generating web application into production in less than a week.

Tom Purdy
The North Carolina Bar Association
This is an awesome product. It makes creating PDF documents so easy!

The product is well supported and Siberix's service is very kind and handy. Definitely recommend this component to .NET application developers who have the requirements to create PDF on the fly.

Min Yu
Simple Net
Our department purchased the library at 10am and by 4pm the same day it was fully integrated into our reporting system. The Siberix API is clean but resembles GDI enough that any Windows programmer would feel right at home. Exploiting PDF's more esoteric capabilities was a snap.

I did have a couple of questions during that flurry of programming, and they were answered promptly and accurately. A really good piece of code!

Clinton Pierce
Payroll 1
This is a great product, at a great price. I was able to generate pdf commission statements from a database using the pdf library in one day, including the learning curve...

Ken Ponder
Intuition Systems

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